Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Calling all creative characters!

By Victoria Elizabeth, Grande Poohbesse of the Creative Living Institute, in beautiful downtown Victoria ... home to garden gnomes, giggling gadflies, and far too many Canada geese.

Another fall season of fun and frolic begins!

For those who don't give a sweet tweet about learning another foreign language (unless it's Pig Latin), mastering the latest version of computerized communication (unless it's full of empathetic emoticons ;-), or how to motivate a herd of happy-challenged heffalumps (unless there's a honey-pot and booby-hatch nearby), listen up!

Frankly it's time to toss the "to-do" list and find something infinitely more enjoyable than work, or anything that looks like heavy-duty thinking and doing.

So why not take a boisterous break from boredom or fruitless fretting for pity's sake! Kick up your heels and join a growing list of creative loafers who simply adore gadding about town and going nowhere in particular at break-neck speed. A leisurely pace is more like it!

Here are a few things to whet your appetite, satisfy your creative urges, and while away your time in a very pleasant way:

WANTED: BLABBERS & BLOGGERS to snack, sip & swap stories! 10:00 am, Sat. Sept. 30, Ogden Pt. Cafe (at the Breakwater - 199 Dallas Road.)

This group is open to all levels and types of electronic writing. It will meet-up monthly, (the last Saturday of each month at 10:00 am, at Ogden Point Cafe) to chew the fat, chase the blues away, and chortle about all manner of interesting things having to do with on-line journaling, writing etc.

Price of admission is a sip of something or a light snack -- whatever strikes your fancy and your budget.

Note: Keep your eyes peeled for "Dick Danger", (OPC Manager who is known to dash about thither and yon, without so much as a glow-in-the-dark hat or neon warning sign on his back)!

* * *

MIRTH & MUNCH - Share your passions at a Creative Confab. 10:00 am, Mon. Sept. 25, Ogden Pt. Cafe (Breakwater).

Creatives including actors, artists, crafters, dancers, muscians, playwrights, photograhers, sculptors, writers and other performers are invited to share their passions and unique journey with like-minded people.

It his hoped that this weekly gathering of glee-gurus and glad-handers, taking place in such a positive atmosphere, will encourage support for one another as well as inspire new works of art to enhance the community.

Participants are invited to pick up their favorite beverage or perhaps some of those sumptuous snacks served at the Ogden Point Cafe. (Note: A big thank you goes out to the owners of the OPC who have consistently and generously supported Victoria's artistic community over the years, including the Feast of Fools last year!)

* * *

And do stay tuned for more Egads & Entertaining Events in 2006!


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