Saturday, April 22, 2006


Or, never forget how to engage and enjoy life!

By Patience Pantperhog, a peripatetic putz with a nose for addlepated adventure, things that make one go “cowabunga!” and people with a spunky and playful spirit who don’t take themselves all that seriously

A recent U.S. statistical report indicated that people typically spend on average 8.5 days per month commuting to work, and 47 hours a year in traffic jams (up from 40 hours a decade earlier).

If that’s true, (and there’s no reason to think otherwise unless you’re one of those nitpicky nosey-parker testy types with an axe to grind), then the real question is just what do folks do to occupy their time in the slow lane of life?

Some fret and fume frantically, while others harangue or harrumph hopelessly about “spinning their wheels and going nowhere fast”. Of course there are a precious few, like the “creative loafing crowd”, who seem to take life as it comes.

Leisure-minded lads and ladies plus little lollygaggers can usually be found building lemonade stands when inundated with the yellow citrus fruit all over their front lawns, or buying bigger umbrellas, longer hip waders and posh pet beds when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Perhaps there’s a lesson or two to be learned from “creative loafers”:

1. Live life to the fullest everyday – find something positive in every situation and person you meet, feel your own rhythm, and explore your reason for being here.

2. Discover your true passion and then do what you love to do; it’s the only way to experience peace of mind not to mention happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

3. Celebrate everything – because after all, you’re the hero or heroine of your very own story; take a little time to honor every accomplishment be it big or small.

4. Be around fun people whenever you can; their joyful spirit is to known to add just enough levity to life to defy the force of gravity when it really counts.

5. Share your gifts and talents as well as your light and warmth with everyone; be ready to entertain, encourage and comfort them, and last but not least, be open to receiving the precious gifts and treasures that others may have to offer.

By the way, every creative loafer knows that fun and frolic can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Life is never boring when you smell roses, collect fairy stones or four leaf clovers, and have a stash of luscious lollypops nearby, appropriately named "Sugar Daddies", "Sweetie Pies" or "Tootsie Treats"!


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