Saturday, March 25, 2006


By Fannie Fortunata, Cut-and-Paste Coordinator at the Creative Loafing Institute, a fully accredited fool-proof establishment offering programs for those wishing to find their funnybones or those keen on cracking their wishbones while waiting for Godot to arrive (and tell them why they’re waiting, who's coming, what to do, where to go, when to show up, and how to decide if they’ve arrived wherever they’re supposed to be going in the great scheme of all things big and small ...or perhaps anywhere in between if that’s okay with everyone)

Fools everywhere will be pleased to hear that the annual “Feast of Fools” festivity is alive and well in Victoria, British Columbia.

In keeping with the best traditions of high jinks, jestering or jokering not to mention blithe bowls of cherries and jolly good fun, the Creative Loafing Institute is inviting everyone to a grass-roots gleeful gathering on Saturday, April 1st 2006.

“Dick Danger”, Manager of Malapropisms and Mirthful Meals, at the Ogden Point Café (where the glad-handing gambol will take place), is keen to let everyone know what’s in store in the way of delightful dishes and droll desserts.

Giggling guests will have a wide assortment of amusing items to choose from on April Fools’ Day. The menu of mirth and merriment will feature a few frivolous things for frolicsome folks who have difficulty mincing their words, but do enjoy munching on merry mouthfuls as long as no one is correcting them on their tacky table manners.

Boisterous Beverages:

Bird Brain Beer, Clodplate Coolers, Cackling Cappuccino, Egad Espresso, Fizzy Whizzes, Ho Ho Ho Hot Chocolate, Jolly Juices, Loopy Latte, Schlepping Ciders, Titillating Teas, Wiseacre Wine, (and last but not least), Whoopee Water

Amusing Appetizers:

Chortling Chicken Wings, Nincompoop Nachos & Nibbles, Chortling Chicken Wings, Prankster Potato Skins, and Sassy Spring Rolls

Merry Main Courses:

Laughingstock Lasagna, Nitwit Noodles, Quipping Quiches, Saucy Side-Salads, Snickering Sandwich & Soup Combos, Posh Piggies-in-A-Blanket, Witty Whatnots

Diversionary Desserts:

Babbling Bars, Buffo Bread Pudding, Chuckling Cheesecakes, Crackpot Cookies, Comical Crisps, Peek-a-boo Pies, Raucous Rice Pudding, Simple Simon Squares, Irreverent Ice Cream, Tittering Tarts

Those who adore “playing with their food” (as opposed to actually eating it), or those who are allergic to “food for thought”, should be prepared to entertain themselves by twiddling their thumbs or wiggling their ears quietly. Failing that, they should be prepared to come up with something really nifty to keep things to a dull roar for the rest of the patrons (who probably have incredibly short-attention spans).

By the way, during the daytime, “Dick Danger” is a magnificent mild-mannered manager of meals. At night however, (especially on April 1st and Halloween), he has been known to change his name and his attire in order to keep the company of some very colourful characters including “The Great Pumpkin”, “The Tooth Fairy” and “The Jolly Green Giant”!

For those who haven't got a clue how to find their way to Ogden Point Cafe - here's a map!


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