Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Or, where's all the fooforaw?

By Theolonius McTavish, a quirky Celt who's trying to find the lippy little leprechaun who waltzed off with his collection of four-leaf clovers, a shoebox full of rabbit feet, and his stash of magic mushrooms.

Victoria, (the capital of British Columbia), is home to many things including a wax museum, a bug zoo, and a lovely Disneyland-like light show held every night (at taxpayers' expense) on the grounds of the legislature.

It is also home to a grab-bag of gaffers and giggle-minded folk who simply adore defying gravity with their own version of levity and light-hearted entertainment.

The Creative Loafing Institute recognizes the important creative contribution made by other lollygaggers and leisure-inspired individuals who make this city one of Canada's most commodious if not quaint "cultural capitals".

So, for those with oodles of time on their hands, a sense of curiosity, and some funny money in their pockets, do drop by and take in a bit of jolly good cheer provided by Victoria's sometimes irreverently-inspired artists, musicians, and thespians.

Atomic Vaudeville - Apparently this "theatrical throw-down", knee-slapping troupe of titillating titbits can charm the pants off practically everyone they meet...(which is probably why they have a puckish prevention program called 'Adopt An Actor'). Their shows have included such hee-haw hits like: Fora's Funhouse, Redneck Revival, and The Gayest Show on Earth.

Four Seasons Musical Theatre - This gem is devoted to nourishing the inner imp in everyone, no matter what age or station in life. Family fun and frolic often includes some jolly sing-alongs which keep the actors, writers and composers hopping in this company.

Impromaniacs - This gaggle of gigglers has been keeping crowds in stitches since 1989 performing at Fringe events not to mention establishing their own improv show, "The Victoria International Improv Festival" (to be held in Victoria this year from September 28 - 30, 2006 at Intrepid Theatre's Metro Studio.)

Intrepid Theatre - Producer of Canada's oldest one-person theatre full of high-voltage whackadoo acts the Uno Festival of Solo Performance (May 24-June 4, 2006), the ever popular puckish performances provided by many talented titillators at the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival (August 24-September 4), and last but not least, the Intrepid Petri Dish New Play Contest.

Langham Court Theatre + The Victoria Theatre Guild & Dramatic School - The roots of this group lie in miming and masquerade, a popular performance genre in the late 1920's. Now one of the city's best known performance theatres, it plays host to a variety of vintage vignettes and delightful ditties -- nearly 3,000 performance of more than 500 shows to over 250,000 patrons.

Play With Your Food - This eatery-come-entertainment establishment is located in a downtown "déclassé" droll booth, (owned by by a couple of part-time hams -- Dean Christy and Bill Johnston). It offers an eclectic selection of original witty work and occasionally the group borrows from some very bodacious if not belly-laughing burlesque shows! Dean is also quick to add that while this city may be a cultural capital of Canada but, "the only active culture in Victoria is found in the yogurt at Thrifty's" (according to an interview appearing in the Times Colonist, Saturday, March 25, 2006).

Spilt Milk Comedy - Besides offering much needed comic relief in what has been termed a "hot air" and "trial balloon" city, (in which the well-padded seat of government is situated), they also provide a wide variety of custom-designed comedy workshops and corporate events.

Thirty Cent Players - Founded in January 2005, these potty personalities perform live every Thursday night in front of tankards and tipplers at Belle's Bar on Yates Street, where they host you guessed it... "Thirsty Beaver Comedy Night" (produced by Three Schooner Productions).

Theatre Inconnu - As Victoria's longest producing alternative theatre company, it is known for its innovative approach to the classics as seen in the "Faust Fest" and "One Man Hamlet" shows, and its high-profile annual summer Shakespeare Festival production.

Throw Us A Line Improv - This fiddlesticks and fooforaw group has performed in weekly comedy nights at the James Bay Inn, but now has taken up ripsnorting residence at Sopranos Karoake & Sports Bar in the Traveller's Inn, 1961 Douglas Street. So trot down one Wednesday evening to see them tossing their tacky lines back and forth or just taking tit-for-tat from a fesity floorshow audience.


Apparently there's also something called The StandUp Comedy Feast that's been going on for more than two decades, but if you didn't catch their last foolish food for thought at Murph's Pub on Douglas Street...you might want to try their fun-with-food booking agent.

The above list represents but a smattering or at best a smidgen of what this city has to offer residents and visitors alike. Pick up a copy of Victoria's weekly mmm...good guide to entertainment in the city, Monday Magazine or Victoria News for more event details.


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