Thursday, November 08, 2007


Bible-Belt residents and Bible-Thumpers the world over will be pleased to learn that lollygagging among the spiritually-inclined sexes is alive and well in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Things are looking up in the southern U.S., in spite of soaring fuel prices, a plummeting dollar, and too many witches out on Halloween this year.

According to Stephanie Simon of "The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer", life is pretty good there, after all, "men lead and women do laundry", (a common expression heard on the lush green campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary).

Apparently the students all agree that "God values men and women equally. ...It's just that he's given them different responsibilities: Men make decisions; women make dinner."

The internationally renowned Christian college has introduced classes in homemaking (open to co-eds only), which has proved infinitely more popular than the previous course on "History of Burnings at the Stake", (just kidding).

Domestic gods and gourmet goddesses will be keen to know that there will be lectures on the finer points of laundering stubborn stains and a lab session on baking chocolate-chip cookies, (without upsetting the Cookie Monster no doubt). Next year, the institution will be providing a model house to assist female students gain BA credits by learning how to set tables, sew on buttons, and sustain lively dinner-time conversation. This may come in handy for entertaining dimwits, dolts and dweebs not to mention other delightful dinner guests in the Whitehouse.

Note: Lollygaggers and leisure-lovers who are not into "heavenly home-making" might be well advised to tune into TV star and author, Nigella Lawson, the much touted British-made, gastro-porn Queen for helpful hints on how to make tasty tidbits for titillating encounters, (not covered in the seminary curriculum)!

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